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At Broadstone we run various clinics throughout the year, with Amy and also external coaches.

 Amy is a BE UK CC Level 2 Coach, and Evented up to 4*, please feel free to contact Amy with any enquiries.

Please see my Facebook & Instagram for upcoming clinic dates. 

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Flatwork Clinic

Please see above for upcoming clinic dates

Flatwork clinic - These Clinics cater for all levels. We look at various aspects of dressage/flatwork and how we can improve these with relevant exercises. This includes balance and self carriage, suppleness, lateral work, straightness and engagement. Suitable for horses and riders both competitive and non competitive. Emphasis is on correctness of both horse and rider, ensuring the basics are perfected to build a solid foundation for the horse and riders training.

Dressage Test Riding 

Please see above for upcoming clinic dates

Dressage Test Riding - These clinics are an excellent way of improving your test riding without the pressure of a competition and in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The clinic will allow you to ride through your chosen 20 x 40 test, then have feedback with the opportunity to practice any chosen movements with the aim of improving the horse’s way of going.

Polework Clinic

Please see above for upcoming clinic dates

Polework clinics - By incorporating pole work into your schooling, you’ll be developing your horse’s posture, gymnastic ability and engaging his/her brain! These clinics will include a range of different exercises based over and around poles.

Showjumping Clinic

Please see above for upcoming clinic dates

Showjumping clinics - These clinics will cater for all abilities of horse and rider from beginners, nervous horse and/or riders, to the more intermediate and advanced levels. From poles on the floor to a full course of jumps, you choose how much you want to do. Please come and have a go in a friendly, relaxed environment and boost your confidence with your horse.

Arena Eventing Clinic

Please see above for upcoming clinic dates

Arena Evening - These clinics will involve a mix of show-jumps and XC fences in the arena. We will work over various types of fences and lines that you are likely to come across on the XC course. Ideal for any level horse and rider to gain experience. Perfect training for throughout the season.

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